Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   The real problem
Date:   2002-12-12 10:23:28
From:   anonymous2
Just don't want to take the time to register. Call me Sid.

The real problem is with that of the publishers themselves, particularly in the Music market. Recording companies have little idea what will/can sell. They wouldn't knw a good band if they smacked them in the face. Every once in awhile, purely by chance, they sign an excellent artist, who the people love and sells well. The next few years will follow with every recording company trying to find a band that sounds or looks exactly like that band. See the Seattle scene of a few years ago as an example. This breed mediocrity, and good bands that could find a larger audience waste away in obscurity.

Honestly it is a control issue. The record execs want the power, to give that over to either the artist or the listener would be to de-value themselves. They want to be Richard Branson, not some rich geek in Mateo making money of the internet.

Books have a different issue. Book publishers of fiction have a different taste than Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Topeka. The Publishers read the high falutent authors who make littel sense and are difficult to read for precisely those reasons. Mr. and Mrs. Smith want Stephen King, but book publisher almost ban new Stephen Kings and Tom Clancy's and the like because they are pulp. That Popular authors make it into main stream is almost a mistake.

In short. Book publishers and Record companies flourish in spite of themselves, not because of themselves.