Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   Paper is not dead
Date:   2002-12-12 15:30:57
From:   anonymous2
Never underestimate the attraction of the paper book.

I publish a very long series of novels (comfortably more than a million words) on the Web. Clear HTML, totally free. A friend has kindly made downloadable files of the text in a variety of ebook formats. Again, totally free.

And what happens? In spite of the mind-boggling cost of the consumables required, people print it out! And email me all the time positively BEGGING for the opportunity to go into a bookshop and pay money for the thing in paperback. (Never going to happen, as neither I nor the author owns the rights to the characters.)

This mindset isn't going to change overnight. The on-line electronic text, given the chance, is an advertisement for the paper product, not a substitute.