Slinky SliMP3: An Affordable MP3 Stereo Component
Subject:   Audiotron?!?! MP3wirelessjukebox?!?! That's hilarious.
Date:   2002-12-12 21:47:33
From:   anonymous2
The hideous LCD device will never find it's way onto my stereo rack. Do you see LCD's in your VCR, your tuner, your pre-amp, etc??? Poor planning led to poor appearance. Plus it's closed source. Good luck with it when they decide to stop supporting it... cough...

MP3wirelessjukebox? Wheres the display??? Did you read the article? At least make a valid comparison, such as the Audiotron poster did. I am supposed to place a lcd/monitor in my stereo rack so I can see what's playing? Geeeeez, great idea... if I lived in a trailer park.