Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   straight on
Date:   2002-12-13 01:55:10
From:   anonymous2
Unlike most, you have very well grasped the benefits for p2p sharing. Like you and your daughter, my cd collection has grown exponentially since becoming involved in online sharing. Groups I never heard of with songs I had never heard of now flourish by my stereo in the form of cds bought and paid for because I had the opportunity to try something new without loosing anything. Tired of paying for tapes and cds with only one decent song on the whole thing, I had all but stopped buying new music. I listened on the radio for free. Then I discovered online trading. I could hear what was on before I bought and make an informed decision. I started buying cds again.

Currently the mpaa is playing the bully in the online sharing community. I stopped going to movies for the same reason I stopped buying music. I was tired of the hype that promised more from a movie than it was able to deliver. The days when a name 'makes' a movie are gone. It is time for the producers to start looking to content or step aside and let the newer production companies step into the light. I download movies online. If I like the movie, and it has merit I spend the time and the money to take my family to see it. That is 6 more people that are movie-going. I also like being able to see if it is something *I* feel is appropriate for the younger members of my family to see. My daughters wanted to go see 8 mile. I downloaded it, and there is NO way we are going. It runs contrary to the ideals and way of life that I wish to expose my family to. Thank God for online sharing that helps me make informed decisions for my family.