Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   This pseudo piracy is not a cost it is an opportunity
Date:   2002-12-13 12:55:08
From:   thundarr
He has it spot on about filesharing is a revenue opportunity for both the artists and for publishers if they would get their act together and quit being so greedy. I have been buying music for decades (since the 8 track). I would have bought more if I had the ability to search for music I liked and had the ability to pay for only the songs I wanted on an album. There is so much filler and just plain crappy songs whenever you buy music that only buy a few CD's a year.
The publishers are missing the boat if they offered a subscription service they not only would reduce their costs they would find more people buying songs. This will take years to happen since most entertainment execs are in love with how the things are today. Big budgets to produce and sell music at way too high prices. The lawyers love it because they are going to continue rake in the money with the lawsuits to shut down these filesharing networks. What the artists don't understand is that if they supported these networks by joining an independent filesharing subscription service they would get paid the same if not more. All of the money that goes to the big music and movie industry studies and the lawyers would instead go into their pockets and their audience would get to listen to their music at substantially reduced rates.