Weblog:   The Right Term is Copyright Infringement
Subject:   The bigger picture..
Date:   2002-12-13 13:01:40
From:   jasontm
Isn't it fun to debate the moral and legal issues concerning these things? i find it amusing to watch both sides. but sometimes i think the real problem is ignored for the little things.

Ask yourself, will anyone ever be able to prevent me from loaning my music (or movies, etc..) to a friend? No.

Has that sort of sharing (assisted by modern digital technology or not) ever been the downfall of an industry? No.

Is it practical to attempt to find a way to police an entire planet? Billions of individuals. No. And if Disney and Co. get their way it will come down to that at some point in the future.

What's the real issue then? Humanity. Culture.

Only a fool hangs on to the past. A wise man learns from the past, remembers the past, but that's all.

At some point the people in charge of 'intellectual property' need to realize, as a whole, that nothing is forever. Move on to new things.

It is pointless to attempt to assure the perpetual control of any idea. Be that idea a song, a movie, a book, etc.

I agree with the Constitution on matters of copyright. I will fully support the right of the artist to prosper from his/her works. But only for a time. After that, it belongs to society and any attempt to prevent that only detracts from the potential for new works of art.

Sure, modern technologies make it easy to 'infringe'. But at some point you must trust humanity to do the right thing. Guns make it easy to kill. Horrible, but true. But people, as a whole, don't use that ability because it's wrong. I'm not a child, i am fully capable of using powerful technologies in an appropriate manner. Maybe you should inform the RIAA and friends that we are not all children, we don't need to be looked after on a micromanagement level.

Mickey Mouse belongs to America now. Sorry Disney, Inc., but you have to play nice, look beyond the fear of losing a few dollars. Enrich Humanity. There will be more good art with which you can pay your bills and make your shareholders happy.

The boundaries will always be grey. That can't be helped or changed.

The real threat is to society. To art. To diversity. It's a threat against America.

Waxing on about the grey areas is interesting, certainly. But let's not forget the bigger issue. The fight to preserve freedom.

Do me a favor Mr. O'reilly, send each media executive (and any politicians who need it as well) a copy of the book '1984'. With instructions to actually read the book.

This is also good general business advice. Any company stupid enough to stand still and not embrace change will always get run over. So, as the Air Force motto goes.. It's time to kick the tires and light the fires..


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