Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   print from pine using mac os X terminal
Date:   2002-12-14 16:04:15
From:   fishclamor
hi chris,
i use mac 10.2.2, terminal, and pine mail. when i try to print a message, it doesn't work!

but if i use better telnet fat in os 9, printing from pine works just fine.

it doesn't matter if i'm using pine locally on my own computer or if i'm connected to my unix account at school- with terminal in jaguar, printing from pine doesn't work.

do you have any ideas? this is hugely important to me since i write about 10 pages i need to print everyday and forwarding to another account, then copy/paste/print with microsoft word is just way too hard and makes me want to quit writing and start doing math all over again.

thanks very much if you can help!

f. clamor

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