Shooting Digital Video PDA Style
Subject:   viewing -- stereo movies -- on the PDA?
Date:   2002-12-16 16:41:04
From:   ankh
Late to the party, just starting video, wanted to try stereo, and it worked the first time -- with a Pbook 'Pismo' I set two Firewire webcams side by side, open both video windows in EvoCam v3, relax my eyes til the images overlap, and the result is a stereo movie.

Now, I have to understand video (sigh). Bought the iMovie2 book. All these different sized rectangles, each format with unique choices, aieee.

I can 'free view' stereo prints so I have practice merging two small side by side images; a little handheld viewer would make it easy for anyone.

The resulting movie works fine as two frames side by side, each 160 pixels wide and 320 high, on the Powerbook screen. And it'd fit just fine on a high-resolution PDA.

Until I can get a PDA with two cameras mounted on the back, has anyone advice on how to copy short Quicktime movie files over to a PDA to view on the screen? I'm itching to hand carry these stereo movies around, and the PDA would fit perfectly under a regular inexpensive "map viewer" (two magnifying glasses held six inches or so over the two pictures, to make it easier for people to fuse the images and see the illusion of depth).