Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   most important words: FAIR and REASONABLE price
Date:   2002-12-17 01:33:47
From:   anonymous2
Dear Mr. O'Reilly!

As a scientific librarian I think, the most important sentence in Your article is: ' give those customers a legitimate alternative, at a FAIR price.'

Yes, we want to buy content and licenses, but at a reasonable (!) price. Personally I don't want to buy an office suite which uses hundred of megabytes storage space on my harddisk, costs a few hundred dollars and has zillions of functions I never need; only to write somes letters to grandma.

Yes, I don't want to pay the 'marketing overhead' for such stars as Britney Spears, which are hyped with zillions of marketing dollars in all media and publish only 'stream-lined' albums with a few hits.

And I don't want to buy from companies who see all their customers as potential pirates and are greedy to sqeeze out the last cent of every customer only for the sake of shareholders value.

But Yes, I want to abide to copyright law if the products are sold at reasonable prices and the customer has fair use rights.

Best regards,

- Karl-Josef