Subject:   Best marketing practices, not
Date:   2002-12-17 05:51:14
From:   anonymous2
Software and Infrastructure Software in particular has proven to have one of the worst marketing practices possible, trying to sway flocks of developers towards the promised land of free for all, better, super, duper, ultimate ... crap.

I find it very refreshing that someone has the guts to show the mechanisms of shameless marketers which eventually serve no purpose except bring complete confusion to the market and level off this same market from the bottom.

Having been involved in and BPML, I find it very interesting that the same people that developed Castor and BPML/WSCI, use the same techniques to position their cruds on top of the heap.

thanks david, this work is very important to bring back the discussion at the level of technical merits and stop the confusion.

Jean-Jacques Dubray