Weblog:   The Right Term is Copyright Infringement
Subject:   the benefit to mankind would be substantial
Date:   2002-12-17 12:36:50
From:   anonymous2
Assuming that you and your replicator are not spirited away by some mysterious force of industry and government, the benefits that your replicator will bring to mankind would be can not be overstated.

But the masses cry "In a world with matter replicators who would create the content.." Why of course, anyone who wanted it.

In a world with matter replicators content would be created in one of two ways: 1) content would be comissioned (think Sistine Chapel) or 2) content would be created for the sake of the content itself.

Composers would be commissioned to write works of music by orchestras. Musicians and orchestras would be paid for live performances. And yes an orhcestra or a musician might even sell recordings, but realistically these recordings would not be produced as a source of income, but rather as a means of marketing. The content of the recordings are placed in the public domain. The content of the recording can be distributed around the globe, this only serves to increae the popularity of this musician, and thus the popularity of their live performance, which is how they make their living. The cost of creating and producing the recording can be recouped through the sale of the original recording.

I, for one do not wish to have my taxes spent enforcing artificial scarcity in order to preserve the business models of others. Those whose business models are built around artificial scarcity may employ whatever method they choose to enforce their artifical scarcity (think encryption), but they must not impose upon the taxpayer to enforce their artificial scarcity when those methods fail.