JavaScript: Why You Don't Know More About It
Subject:   Getting there...
Date:   2002-12-19 08:04:48
From:   nunof
It was no easy trip, learning JavaScript, but the rewards were substancial.
I highly recommend learning javascript to any serious web developer.
I learned it by example, back in the early days of the Net were good tutorials were hard to find.
Everytime I came across something done in javascript
I dissected every line of code trying to find out how they did it.
GUI API's and Libraries were very important in this process. Projects like DynAPI that implement a series of cross browser DHTML objects were the cornerstone of my learning, because they showed how things could be done, cross-browser and with efficient and well written code.
Nowadays I work mainly with DOM JavaScript, usually trying to do as much as I can client-side to simplify the tasks I have to do server-side, and mainly because I don't have to force the user to constantly reload to do any simple task.

Give it a try, with perseverance you'll find Javascript a very very useful tool.