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Subject:   Re: Apple Laptop Keyboards Unsuitable for Unix Users
Date:   2002-12-20 09:57:50
From:   anonymous2
1. ADB? Wrongo. Very very big error. They're not ADB. Apple hasn't used ADB in years. Catch up.

2. "Broken"? Unless the keys don't actually work, you're just making stuff up. They're designed a certain way and they operate exactly that way. Ergo: not broken. Just not how you (1 person compared to the millions of Mac users) would like them placed.

3. And what about all the thousands of people who use both a Unix system and a Windows or Mac desktop? Linux users, with *nix on a normal, everyday, desktop with a normal, everyday, standard, non-broken, QWERTY keyboards. Somehow they manage to cope. If you can't handle a standard QWERTY keyboard, I think you have big problems.

4. Need? Hardly. You need air, you need water. You need to get over this Control key thing. Admit it, it's an affectation. "I'm a high-powered, advanced Unix user and I don't to slum it". Yes it's a "want". Most definitely a "want". Nobody else has asked for it. I've never heard of anyone complaining about this in the 10 years I've been doing Mac support and development.

5. "Purposely ignoring". That's a load of rubbish if ever I've heard it. I'd even doubt you have been having interactions with an Apple employee in any country, quite frankly, and even if you have, why should they come up with a special keyboard just for you? Apple has been going after Unix developers and users with great gusto. Have a look around Java and Unix conferences some day. iBooks and TiBooks everywhere.

6. Have a look at a typewriter some day. Look where the caps lock key is. Yup, right where it is on Apple's laptops. If you're used to the caps lock being somewhere else, you're used to a non-standard layout.

Have you even spent any real time with a TiBook or iBook? I don't mean 10 minutes, I mean a couple of days. A week?

Control key in the wrong place. Geesh. Find a real problem. All us lowly Mac and Unix users who maintain less-than-God status are perfectly happy with our Control keys where they are.

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