Understanding Zeroconf and Multicast DNS
Subject:   UPnP support in Linksys
Date:   2002-12-24 12:03:10
From:   anonymous2
This was a very informative article. While I am already hoping to see Zeroconf prevail (although the possibility of Zeroconf/UPnP being a viable combo is very high), I have to report that a recent OS upgrade to my Linksys wireless router included UPnP. How did I discover this? Using Ethereal, I discovered tons (yes, TONS) of UPnP multicast packets originating from the Linksys. I did disable the protocol immediately thereafter, and I did some reading to find out how that protocol is supposed to work. Of course, the documentation I read pointed out that if I had been using Windows XP, I would have gotten a special icon somewhere to reflect the network device learned via UPnP. Lucky me.