Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel
Subject:   Re: Congratulations...
Date:   2002-12-24 16:59:09
From:   anonymous2
Windows seems to have kernel mode everything! Take one thing out, BOOM! Buy 80 lbs. of potatoe chips or buy no potatoe chips at all. They remind me of a children's fable where this animal insisted it just had to have the coolest and neatest of all the other animals' parts: it took the tail of a peacock, the mouth of a pelican, the feet of flamingoes, etc.. in the end, this poor beast was slain quite easily by a roaming fox. (or maybe there was a happy ending, I don't remember). That is Microsoft, no steak.. just sizzle.

There is this word called "engineering" and it isn't the same word as "marketing" though they each have "i's" and "e's" inside, ..but what is really sad isn't that Microsoft continues to value the latter over the former. It's that with all the resources Microsoft has and despite all its dirty practices, it still has to continues to rely on FUDmarketing to make up for its deficiencies in the technical arena.

"NT also has an extremely open, well-documented, extensible driver interface."

Yes, we know how open Microsoft is. There is the interface that Microsoft sees and then there is the interface that the rest of the world sees.... unless you actually manage more with less, in which case, even that, Microsoft will take away from your company.

The GPL is a thorn indeed in Microsoft's side. It forces collaboration and a division of labor and of the spoils of war. How so anti-Microsoft, anti-monopoly can a license get!

Microsoft's only response to account for its plundering on the Windows platform is to say that if a company works with the GPL, it won't be able to be a monopolist and filthy rich like themselves -- I'm all in tears, but I suppose I can settle for less than billionaire status if my other option is to go bankrupt partnering with Microsoft.

Interesting article, by the way.