Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   Just another twist of Ms
Date:   2002-12-26 20:14:00
From:   anonymous2
Ok , you may say i've never tried .Net nor have i ever written a line of code with C#...So what???
The problem is beyond this...Is platform X better than platform Y is no big deal here...
Let me explain, If one stares at Ms moves over the last decade, or even from it first started, one can simply wonder IS IT A GOOD THING TO GIVE AWAY THE INTERNET TO MS???
Here is the big question? Because wanted or not Adopting the .Net platform is nomore no less than that...
How can we accept this, with all the pain and frustration we had so far from Ms...That one prefers ms platform is one thing, that the whole world swallows ms bitter pill is another, and here
there is no flame