Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl and mod_ssl
Subject:   configure???
Date:   2002-12-27 21:17:00
From:   joeateb
I got through the first article and have set up my own Apache server with mod_perl. In fact I am using it to serve a site I am developing for my son. I was able to get the new server running and displaying pages but I have got a couple of things I need to resolve.
First; how do I get the server to serve a page from a subdirectory?
Second; I was trying to follow the mod_ssl development and ran into a problem at the section (pg2) where you type:

% ./configure \
--with-layout=Apache \
--enable-module=so \
--enable-module=ssl \
--enable-shared=ssl \
--activate-module=src/modules/perl/libperl.a \
--disable-shared=perl \
% make
terminal reports: no command ./configure

I'm now lost....

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