Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel
Subject:   Re: Congratulations
Date:   2002-12-29 21:39:32
From:   anonymous2
You know, it's *not* like Linux is about strengthening computing alternatives. It is about power, just like Microsoft is.

Linux would be in the position to deal a severe blow to MS operating system monopoly by providing drivers for *all* alternative operating systems. But they don't, they rather provide drivers for themselves only so the world may benefit from *their* view on things. (Now what if you don't like *either* Linux or Windows, like me?)

And it's not like they aren't *aware* of the alternatives.

If you don't know what I am talking about, check and .

Wake up. RMS isn't the messias, and the GPL is not the bible. Stupid power games like that are exactly what hinders people from chosing their operating system by merits instead of driver availability.

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