Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel
Subject:   RE: Congratulations -- Linux is 6 years late
Date:   2003-01-01 21:24:06
From:   anonymous2
you are either stupid, or you know more than the developers of windows itself. iis is _not_ a kernel mode http service you idiot. what makes you think that? i bet you write __all__ programs in visual basic, and dont even know c/c++, which would give some hint as to your technical abilities. why do you suppose those iis worms didnt bring down the kernel, or use kernel functions, you moron??? god, some people read every other line in a marketing flash and take that knowledge in a twisted state. then, on top of that, they apply their own delusions of how they think it must work. why dont you read a small bit about what iis 6 is/was _supposed_ to offer. you may find that ms decided to give the option (for the first time) of running the server as a kernel thread(s). i do believe iis 6 is scheduled for the .net server family, so where did you pull the "1996" number from? idiot...