EJB 2 and J2EE Packaging, Part II
Subject:   having problems w/ this
Date:   2003-01-03 09:42:44
From:   anonymous2
i have a web app and an EJB that both reference classes from a JAR library. in the ear file i put this jar at the root where the ejb and web app reside, and within the files for the EJB and web-app I added: "Class-Path: common.jar", where my library JAR is inside the common.jar. I go to deploy this on web logic 6.1 and it cannot find the file sin my library. So I put my library directly into the root (not inside common.jar) and update the references in and now when I deploy web logic gives me an error since for some reason it thinks that jar is an EJB and starts looking for ejb-jar.xml. What gives?