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Subject:   configure???
Date:   2003-01-03 11:18:19
From:   joeateb
Response to: configure???

<blockquote>What do you mean by "a subdirectory?" If you put documents into a subdirectory of your document root (which by default should be /usr/local/apache/htdocs), it should work provided that the permissions on the directory and its contents are such that the user "nobody" can read them.</blockquote>
Actually I went into the Apache config file and changed where it serves from to the directory that was used for the original server /Library/WebServer/Documents because I had already set up a site there. And actually after doing a little more with the config file, I think I cured the problem.

Really? Are you in the Apache source code directory? The configure script should just be there and work. If somehow its executable bit was unset, you could try sh configure ..., instead.
I'll give this a shot this weekend if I get a chance.

Thanks for your response.


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