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Subject:   Several EXIF Questions using Canon G3
Date:   2003-01-03 14:21:56
From:   bungalow_bill
Great article. I've just discovered EXIF information using my Canon Powershot G3 and the ACDSee image browser on my Windows 2000 machine. Searching for an answer to my first question is how I got here.

I notice in your example that you have the "Owner's Name" field filled in. Where do I set that field? I have the field in my Canon photos, but no easy way to enter the name. (I'll do some more hunting while waiting for that answer.)

Another thing is has anyone come up with an EXIF editor link anywhere out there? I'd like to batch process my existing photos and stamp them "Copyright MINE MINE MINE" and so forth.

Finally, just a simple note: Not one of your photos on these two pages has any EXIF data. I thought it'd be nice to see the EXIF data for myself, but it wasn't there.

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  1. Several EXIF Questions using Canon G3
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  3. Several EXIF Questions using Canon G3
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