Dial-Up Revelations
Subject:   India, cellphone
Date:   2003-01-06 09:53:47
From:   anonymous2
I really discovered the Internet in India (well, before, but not long before leaving for India). I spent more than my fair share of time in internet cafés where 5-20 computers were sharing (!) a dial-up connection (or two, sometimes).

I spent quite some time on lynx over there (old 386 at home with bare linux on it, no gui).

I learnt to loathe frames and heavy sites.

I have had a Smartphone ( now for a few weeks. GPRS is great, but it isn't broadband. "Tabled" sites give you a horizontal scrollbar. Pocket Explorer can't read frames.

My collegues were complaining that the phone really sucked on the web. I managed to convince them that it was actually most of the web that sucked, and not the poor phone. Sites laid out with CSS and no tables, like mine, render really well on the phone and load fast.

I have had broadband at home for a year now -- and true, I tend to forget about things like page size and image size. I'm glad I have my cellphone and sore indian memories every now and then to remind me to care. And probably, I could care even more.

Stephanie Booth