Dial-Up Revelations
Subject:   Ironic place to post this article
Date:   2003-01-06 12:05:18
From:   famouslongago
I wanted to read people's responses to this article, but actually had to wait until I got back to the office (T1 connection) because the format is so awkward. If you are viewing the messages one by one, you have to reload a big fat O'Reilly page every time.

I was delighted to read your article - if you look at web usage statistics, they peak during the workweek and during work hours in the US. I think a big part of that is people who surf from work because dialup is so insufferable.

At my old job in Web design, I kept nagging the boss to set up an old, slow PC on dialup so we could test our sites under battle conditions. He didn't have the money to spare, but I think it's a good idea for any web designer who can.

-Maciej Ceglowski