Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl and mod_ssl
Subject:   configure???
Date:   2003-01-07 06:08:30
From:   joeateb
Response to: configure???

Over the last weekend I went back and redid the whole thing and everything appeared to work as far as the builds were concerned. I went to Verisign and got a 14 day trial certificate and when I did the "Make Certificate" command it said I was successful and when I ran the make and install commands for the server the new httpd.conf file appears to have the certificate information integrated into it. I can get it to start in ssl but when I try to use https:// I get an encryption failure message.

The config file points to a "server.crt" file and a "server.key" which are not the original names I used in the "make certificate" process. In an attempt to get it to work I moved the original .crt and .key files to the directories and changed the config file to point to them instead but that lead to the same encryption failure message.

2 steps forward, 1 step back.
suggestions please.