LazyWeb and RSS: Given Enough Eyeballs, Are Features Shallow Too?
Subject:   Personal LazyWeb Example - PhoneBlogger
Date:   2003-01-09 23:41:54
From:   RobertStewart
A couple months ago, the One True B!x posted on his blog wondering how far away we were from him being able to make a phone call, record some audio, have the audio converted to text, and have the text posted to his blog. I had been doing a serendipitous blog wander that day, and just happened to run across his blog for the first time.

Having some experience with VoiceXML, I knew that I could build something close to what he wanted without too much work. I sent him email telling him how such a thing could be built today, but it would require writing some code. In his response, he indicated that he wasn't a programmer. I immediately began to "itch", and I had to scratch that itch.

I now have a tool that does most of what he wanted. Full speech-to-text is tough, but I will try to add that later; at least with a speaker dependent version. Visions of Apple Newton gobbledygook translations worry me, though. Sometimes, being only mostly right can do a huge amount of damage to a technology's public acceptance.

I posted more info about PhoneBlogger on my blog.