Configuring Jaguar's Firewall
Subject:   Can Brickhouse help protecting a small network?
Date:   2003-01-12 11:31:45
From:   anonymous2
Hello everyone,

I have been reading you super article on Firewalls. I liked it very much. However, as newbie as I am in the sys admin arena (not in the engineering arena) I have a scenario where I would to install a firewall. Could you please let me know if it's feasible? Here we go:

I have a bunch of computers at the company which are linked together to the Internet via a router. So far, everything works fine because Mac OS 9 cannot be hacked as easily as other systems. In a couple of weeks, we're moving to Mac OS X, and suddenly the game changes.

I would like to create a firewall to stop potential intruders, and I thought that perhaps BrickHouse could help me here. We don't have many consultants that know what OS X in Barcelona, Spain, so I have to look for help elsewhere.

Could you please let me know what can I do to or how should I put BrickHouse to work in such scenario? I've heard that some people in other OS's use a PC with two NICs and a virtual IP table with a list of allowed IP that have granted access to the protected network. Can BrickHouse simplify this situation? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you very much. Your help is *amazingly* appreciated.


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  1. Can Brickhouse help protecting a small network?
    2003-01-15 07:55:20  cochella [View]

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