Understanding Zeroconf and Multicast DNS
Subject:   Do some research
Date:   2003-01-13 06:30:36
From:   anonymous2
"Sun Microsystems came out with their own (heavy and very Java-centric) entry into the war with the release of Jini a couple of years ago, which is presently so dead you could stick a fork in it."

The author obviously hasn't done any research on what's going on with Jini. It's currently being used in many in industry (by Cisco and others), in many research institutions (both government and industry funded), and in distributed computing in academia.

If you have a bias against Java, well, that's your problem. You should at least attempt to be accurate, instead of assuming that since YOU haven't heard anything about it that it's dead. Hell, until last week, I hadn't even heard of Rendevous (and that's only because of Does that mean no one's doing anything with it since *I* haven't heard of it?