Object-Relational Mapping with Apache Jakarta OJB
Subject:   News flash! Code drives database structure
Date:   2003-01-13 10:33:17
From:   anonymous2
Is it just me? Typically enterprise data and databases have existing data structures and the code is written to access the existing normalized, structured data which often has referential integrity constraints to protect it. Corporate data frequently has GREAT BUSINESS VALUE. Designing and implementing simplistic structures to make development easier at the expense of data integrity is a BAD IDEA. Let a bank or investment firm loose your financial data and see how long they keep your patronage. I'm not questioning the ability of the Jakarta framework to access and manipulate. I want to see responsible examples. The ones I see here imply (I think, apologies if not) that you're free to redesign the database to fit the code. Like selling a business suit, where your customer must grow taller to fit correctly.