ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Pointbase? And MySQL?
Date:   2003-01-15 03:07:07
From:   lolajl
Response to: Pointbase? And MySQL?

Thanks . . . I still haven't been able to get the Pointbase driver installed in SQL4X (need to figure which goes into what field, etc), but I was able to get the MS SQL driver installed (thus bringing me one more step to being able to work at home - waiting for PGP's VPN client).

Yeah, I know about the instructions from Apple but these are a bit esoteric and I think there are some steps that were left out, and I think I have MySQL installed somehow but can't figure how to access it. I've heard that there's work on a GUI installer for MySQL, and I may wait for this.

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