Configuring Jaguar's Firewall
Subject:   Can Brickhouse help protecting a small network?
Date:   2003-01-15 07:55:20
From:   cochella
Response to: Can Brickhouse help protecting a small network?

There are multiple scenarios that you might find useful (more than I represent here). I am also assuming that the computers begind the firewall are not offering any network services like FTP, HTTP, etc.

1. One possibility is to configure the firewall on each computer with Brickhouse or otherwise. However, that is a lot of work to configure and maintain many machines.

2. Brickhouse could be used to configure the firewall of one machine that might be acting as a router (separate software) for the other computers on your network that sit "behind" this router/firewall. This computer should probably be dedicated to this task.

3. Purchase a router/firewall product. A good product line is Netopia (; Mac and PC friendly). I have experience with the R9100 series (~$400 new; $200 used) which has a built-in firewall, router and 8 port hub. You can dangle another hub off of that to accomodate more coputers. The firmware is upgradeable. The tech support costs some money but it is good. The product is stable and relatively easy to configure via a terminal or through a Web-page interface. In addition, two netopia R9100s can be remotely linked together to form a virtual private network which is kind of handy if you have two offices.

In my opinion, whatever solution you choose, it should act like an appliance--do one or two tasks and that is it. Therefore, option 3, or something like it would be your most reliable and easiest solution.

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