Samba Pushes the Boundaries Again
Subject:   BDC Password changes migration
Date:   2003-01-15 08:37:40
From:   anonymous2
Just wanted to drop a note, I hope 3.0 will also bring in some migration enhancements, user password changes via the Win family, and maybe using a 2k or XP system to access and manage passwords. The key pain that still plagues Samba is migration and password control, Webmin offers some help and there are a few guides on web based scripting a password change field for end users. But lets face it normal Win users don't do ssh or telnet very well. Redhat 8.0 with an LDAP NIS back end nips most of this in the bud, letting the system know users via the ldap system, and either doing the schema for samba or,, by using a web based script to let user sync thier samba password. email for more info, or visit