Six Things a SysAdmin Should Know About XP
Subject:   XP is God
Date:   2003-01-19 09:23:03
From:   anonymous2
The only problems I've ever encountered with XP (other than one of my older home computer's Scanners not working) is that it doesn't have a true DOS, or even a lame attempt at emulating it. With XP's "Command Prompt" window, you had may as well just be running WinXP anyway. Microsoft should've had some form of DOS Emulation in XP methinks. This is a minor problem though, and it doesn't bother me unless I want to play my old copy of One Must Fall: 2097 with sound. XP is God.

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  1. XP is God
    2004-01-05 10:52:27  anonymous2 [View]

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