Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X
Subject:   Problems With Port Mapping
Date:   2003-01-19 10:40:00
From:   anonymous2
Hello all. I'm using a snow airport and have followed all of the directions to get the web server end of this up and running. I have enabled DHCP on the ABS, checked share connection, and set-up the port mapping. On the iBook end, I have the webserver running, have manually input the private IP of, input the router (ABS) manually, as well as the subnet manually. All of my settings seem to match those in the article. I have registered with and when I input the name I chose ( I can see my apache test page. However, nobody else can get through at all. I went to NetStat to have it try to get through and it cant. I contacted Earthlink cable support to ask if they block any ports and their answer was no. I then had them ping my public IP and they were able to do so, but when they attempted to connect via http they could not get through. I do not have the OS X firewall enabled so I'm curious as to what I am doing wrong. Any hints and/or suggestions. Feel free to try my DynDNS address because you will have better idea of the problem. Thanks!