Googling Your Email
Subject:   You people just don't get it...
Date:   2003-01-21 18:09:46
From:   anonymous2
Zoe sounds like a fantastic tool.

I use Notes (which sux!) at work. Yes, I can search for my stuff, and use a web client away from home, but only because my IS infrastructure is running a Notes server.

I also have IMAP accounts, and Mulberry (which I also use) can search through those, but they are on other servers as well.

ZOE runs *on* *my* *computer*. Nobody else's server necessary. Nobody whining about my Notes database or IMAP store being too big. ZOE is *FREE*. Notes? Yeah, right. Maybe on "alt.binaries.warez"...

Zoe is a personal product, not something for the corporate infrastructure (as someone opined .. what a maroon).

I'm gettin' it...