Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel
Subject:   Re: Congratulations
Date:   2003-01-22 17:36:29
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Re: Congratulations

"Linux would be in the position to deal a severe blow to MS operating system monopoly by providing drivers for *all* alternative operating systems. But they don't, they rather provide drivers for themselves only so the world may benefit from *their* view on things. (Now what if you don't like *either* Linux or Windows, like me?)"

The Linux drivers are open source, meaning if you want to use them on another system then you can simply port them - provided you have the documentation to that system. This not only makes it good for Linux users, but also for those of us writing other operating systems (just one example: that can use the driver information to later develop their own drivers. GPL is good for kernels.

As others have said, understand GPL, BSD, and other licenses before commenting on this. The licenses are complex, and GPL is one of the simplest and most straight-forward of them all.

And just to note: Linus Torvalds has specifically stated that the binary modules can be loaded. (ask him) The fact that he himself said this bypasses the issue for the Linux Kernel.

In any case, read the licenses.