Using IMAP on Mac OS X
Subject:   POP-like auto download-and-delete via "Rules" and "Transfer"
Date:   2003-01-24 12:16:28
From:   anonymous2
One option for keeping the quota low on your IMAP server is to set up a "Rule" in (choose "Preferences" and then "Rules") that automatically transfers messages from the server to local directories on your computer.

So, e.g., I can set up a rule that says "If any message is to me (i.e. select "To" and enter my e-mail address), then Transfer the message to this local "Inbox" folder that I created. Then, this local inbox folder is the one I always use, and my new mail automatically appears in that folder instead of the main "Inbox" folder. Thus I ignore the main "Inbox" folder in and just use my local directory.

Can do the same thing with the "Sent" folder: Create a rule using the "From" field...

Clearly this not totally ideal, but it's quite adequate for me.