The Sharp Zaurus -- A Lovely Little Computer
Subject:   This is a great product
Date:   2003-01-24 14:56:25
From:   aleph00
I love my SL5500, it is almost everything that I want in a PDA. I agree that it has some warts on the user interface, but this should be easily remedied if trolltech would enhance QTopia. I had a problem with lack of a USB port on the first models, and was disappointed that this model did not have USB. It did not stop me from purchasing this though, and with the NetGear CF Wireless card, I was webbing and e-mailing in no time. It is not brain dead easy to set up if you are using WEP and MAC address bound to DHCP, but with about 10 minutes of fiddling it worked fine. If you don't mind having to play around to get some things to work, or if you like the idea of having a linux box in the palm of your hand, this is a great product.