Subject:   Talk about false advertising
Date:   2003-01-24 16:38:23
From:   anonymous2
At first it seems that perhaps Mr. Jordan's pride is hurt because another project has chosen to "incorrectly" implement his pet standard (the JSR-12 JDO.) But then he readily admits that Castor was using the name JDO first. At least before there was any public draft of JSR-12, and he claims Exolab could not have seen it beforehand.

He also admits that Sun does not dispute Exolab's use of the acronym JDO. While anyone can see that there is potential for confusion, it is difficult to understand Mr. Jordan's vitriol over their use of the name (possibly not so difficult to usenet veterans.)

Which is all within his right, but then he goes on to claim that Castor JDO is "proprietary" and implies that if you use it you will be locked in by a "single vendor." Such irrational statments do not usually turn up, even in usenet flame wars until shortly before Godwin's Law is invoked. But then, in the last sentence, we see the where Mr. Jordan's line of reasoning is going:

"You should consider one of the many commercial implementations now available"

It turns out that he is advocating (due, no doubt to his vested interest) proprietary solutions --yes, JSR-12 compliant, but proprietary nonetheless-- over an open source one.

Talk about false advertising