Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   Error messages on Sendmail start
Date:   2003-01-25 02:14:40
From:   anonymous2
Followed these instructions, worked perfectly on a G3 Powerbook w/OS X v10.2.3 and a G4 tower w/OS X Server 10.1.5. However, on a iMac G3 600 MHz, OS X 10.2.3, I get an error when I try to start Sendmail:

Starting mail services
554 5.0.0 No local mailer defined
554 5.0.0 QueueDirectory (Q) option must be set

and it doesn't start.

I'd be very grateful for any ideas.. post here and/or to

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Error messages on Sendmail start
    2003-01-25 02:30:06  anonymous2 [View]

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