Object Oriented Programming for VB.NET - Part 1
Subject:   Still confused
Date:   2003-01-26 11:52:09
From:   anonymous2
I bought Learning VB.NET from O' 1/2 way through the book and realized I understood nothing. While this site made 1 or 2 things a little clearer, I'm still lost.
I believe code samples should be hi-lited or excess.
' this is the constructor
Blah new Blah Blah
' this is the end of the constructor

I think I understand the concept of OOP, but once there's code involved I get totally lost. That's why I believe hi-liting and/or commenting as much as possible, perhaps more than what's necessary, is important.

The article states something along the lines of "...there was no constructor defined in the class, so VB.NET created one automatically..."
Since I have no idea what or where a constructor would go, I'd never notice that it was missing from the Class definition.

I believe there are a couple of typos in the article, too. It states that you should use a semicolon before the Inherits statement, but all the code samples show a colon, not a semicolon.
It also asks "why would you want to make a class UNinheritable?" One of the answers is "because INheritable code compiles faster." That makes no sense (to an OOP noob wanna-be like me, anyway). If inheritable is faster, why would I want to slow things down by making a class uninheritable? Isn't faster code better?

I'll keep reading, and re-reading until I get it though.

Thank you

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  1. Still confused
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