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  Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   NetInfo /locations/sendmail considered harmful? (Can't find submit.cf)
Date:   2003-01-26 17:05:10
From:   hiendohar
Despite what /etc/mail/README says, updating Netinfo as indicated appears to cause problems. I noticed this because sendmail couldn't find the MSP queue (/var/spool/clientmqueue) -- although it is specified in submit.cf.

The problem seems to be that Sendmail can't find submit.cf. Command-line option -Ac doesn't fix this, but if you specify the path (-C/etc/mail/submit.cf), everything is hunky-dory.

I chose to unset the Netinfo property, and then -Ac worked. Perhaps there are other Netinfo properties that sendmail is looking for. Until it's clear what those are, I'm going to leave Netinfo alone.

I found another account of this problem from Daniel J. Luke at: