Using IMAP on Mac OS X
Subject:   Thanks - and SMTP question
Date:   2003-01-27 07:47:06
From:   anonymous2

In general, I found "Using IMAP on Mac OS X" extremely clear and helpful.

However, I am still have a little trouble getting this working correctly. I am hoping someone out there might be able to help.

At my current client, I am stuck behind a firewall that blocks almost all ports. However, SSH is allowed. I have successfully configured IMAP to tunnel through SSH so that I can fetch my mail from my ISP. However, I have been unable to send mail. I don't have SMTP on my local laptop, but SMTP would be blocked by the firewall anyway. Without having my ISP do anything is there anyway I can send mail over SSH? Would that mean tunneling SMTP?

If not, I can access SMTP on my local server running in my basement. It has SMTP on it and I have complete control over it. However, if I tried this approach I'd quickly get stuck trying figure out to set things up.

If anyone has any pointers for me I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, Spencer