Software Strategies for Emerging Developers
Subject:   Too basic an article
Date:   2003-01-27 18:11:28
From:   anonymous2
Possibly the least informative article I've seen on the oranet in a while. It talks about a number of different ways to develop and release software, yet never actually offers any sound advice for real emerging developers. What good is the fact that open source never goes bankrupt if there's no way to feed yourself writing such code? And please don't tell me it can be done by supporting your apps. Sure, the author's app got a great review in San Fran and that looks great on the resume, but even that isn't offered as a plus in the article.

Futhermore, most examples deal with fairly large companies... no, make that *very* large. Oracle, Apple, RealNetworks -- hardly emerging developers and hardly the kinds of examples new programmers can follow if they want to make a living for themselves.

And I'm not real impressed with the poor paraphrase of Joel Spolsky's Strategy Letter V (the idea about "commoditizing complements". A quicker paraphrase with a link to the idea's source would have been nice (it's Without it, it's borderline plagerism. I realize this isn't exactly Joel's baby, but the text rang familiar enough I'll bet that's where this text came from.

Any Joe Schmoe on the street who is familiar with Mac OS X and a few open source initiatives could have written this article. There was very little for emerging developers. Don't water down oranet, please.