Software Strategies for Emerging Developers
Subject:   Great article
Date:   2003-01-28 23:07:38
From:   gaeldesign
Thanks for the great article. Unlike the previous poster, I thought it was well-written, though-provoking, and informative. I'm in the beginning stages of developing some software for OS X is taking a lot of design cues from Apple's iApps. I want to be able to charge for the software and have control over its development, yet I want to be able to allow developer access to certain portions of the software and encourage third-party add-on utilities. So I'm considering offering a free, and perhaps open-source, framework that I would use to build the user-oriented portion of my software and that would allow third-party developers to build their own software on top of it. In my opinion, the open source development community has typically fared much better at working on "platform technologies" rather than end-user applications, so Apple's strategy of "make platform technologies open-source, but keep the source of applications and high-end APIs closed" seems to be pretty sound. It's a strategy that I plan on following.



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  1. Great article
    2003-01-29 22:37:37  ruffnex [View]

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