David Pogue on Missing Manuals as Performance Art
Subject:   How David Pogue REALLY Got Published
Date:   2003-01-29 23:09:21
From:   anonymous2
I'm a tad disappointed in Jennifer's interviews of David Pogue. They allegedly tell how a "theater geek" (her words) transitioned to a best-selling computer author.

Yes, David was (and is) a musician affiliated with Broadway, which led him to teaching celebrities how to use their Macs. But that didn't make him a writer. Instead he and I both started our computer writing careers for the publication of the New York MacUsers' Group (NYMUG): "The Mac St. Journal".

Actually, he and I BOTH got offered book contracts, but my first love was (and still is) medical writing, especially for consumers. (Though I do use my "techno-side" to write about medical technology, diagnostic software, hospital internets and get the picture.) So David took his clips from MSJ, kept his day job as a musician and fiddled with book publishing until it really became a profitable pursuit. (Which, thanks to David's brilliant talent, didn't take him long.)

And while my work appears in a lot of books, I have not written my own. (And if I do, I'm pretty sure the topic will be health care, not technology.)

So next time, please remember to include David's work with the Journal. One, because would-be writers should never be mislead into thinking there isn't some "paying your dues" involved in becoming a big-name writer.'s a great story!

Give my best to David. (And tell him Richard says hello. He'll know.)


Wendy Meyeroff (former contributor to the Mac St. Journal.)