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Subject:   win to lin to mac
Date:   2003-01-31 20:30:23
From:   anonymous2
i started with win 3.0 (anyone else know that dog?) and ran the whole set till 98SE. SE was one too many "promises not delivered" for this sucker. i went linux. linux made computing more fun. suddenly it was a joy to sit at a screen again. but to little of it worked, and what did was hard to get to work. i found the comments about "what a shame it was to have people leave just when linux was getting good" laughable. 4 years i was on that horse and not for free. i gave money to projects and distros. you know what i got for that money? broken supermount, and a KDE desktop that is a secondhand knock off of aqua, and still no support for my scanner or printer. neat.

and that was with the new KDE that guy was hyping. used it already. when i say i switched i mean one week ago. recently converted.

oh i still use linux. it makes a hell of a server. i just moved files to and from a moment ago. good diskspace and gateway on the wireless here. but OS X is what i was always promised in a linux desktop, but never got.

let me share a story that will help explain. when mac users say "it just works" they don't mean what windows/linux users mean. windows users mean "i plugged in the (fill in device here) and it ran awhile, then a wizard started, then i answered some questions, then i gave it the CD then rebooted and it just worked." i plugged my printer into my new ibook and waited for something to happen alla windows/linux setup wizard. nothing. i thought i broke it. it never occurred to me that it would simply be there on the print menu ready and waiting. just works. no extra BS needed.

the good news is linux does make a good server. i won't upgrade the hardware on my desktop again, and it will likely run great for years. meanwhile i have switched to mac laptops. no more desktops needed, no more wires, no more configuration by hand, and no more sitting in front of the screen trying to make it work rather than doing work on it.

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