Subject:   Per-channel?
Date:   2003-02-01 15:38:19
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Per-channel?

i think logistics come into play here :

it essentially costs nothing for a distributor to give you a plethora of possibilities, and when you then have them in front of you, you may find that actually there is another channel there that you go to look at from time to time... or to browse to a song that perhaps you would'nt have considered it it were'nt so easy ...

perhapse also the financial managability of the affair may come in - with monthly perscriptions, i immagine that things are much more managable for the distributor - not so many huge swings in cash flow... there is also the convenience of the consumer - you do'nt have to make a financial decision every time you grab a song or (if paying per hour for the TV, for example) watch something...

for me as a consumer, the quality of service aspect looks much better with a service that is more stress free, that is'nt trying to make me buy as much as possible... me and the distributor have made an agreement, i payed my monthly fee, and he gives me the best service she can manage without having to persuade me to do anything else but feel good!

i'd be interested to hear what someone doing business thinks about what i've written...

ps: by the way, the original article is excellent - one of the few things i find on the web that i've made a hard copy of!