Weblog:   iPhoto 2.0 -- It's Mostly Good News
Subject:   iView MediaPro instead of iPhoto 2?
Date:   2003-02-02 19:26:46
From:   punkish
Response to: iView MediaPro instead of iPhoto 2?


Unsolicited reply...

I find iView Media Pro a significantly better product than iPhoto.

There is simply no comparison in speed. iView is simply a speed demon compared to iPhoto.

Organization is completely in your control. My photos are actually sitting on an external firewire drive. iView has no problems, and no burning need to transfer them in its own mysteriously named folders.

Exports to various formats are much more superior to what I have seen iPhoto do... html templates are completely customizable, can export to database tables compatible formats, the usual contact sheets, quicktime movies, etc.

Limited amount of editing is possible, however, if you have GraphicConverter or Adobe PhotoShop Elements, you are set.

The full package may be $80, but I think I paid $45 or so a while back for a downloadable version -- you really don't need a manual. The program is really that easy.

Trust your instincts. iPhoto doesn't even begin to compare with iView.


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