Subject:   Progress at all cost, please
Date:   2003-02-04 15:11:06
From:   anonymous2
... technology has finally caught up with us and our demand is being satisfied in a manner it is difficult to extract money from ... we are free at last to gorge ourselves on culture, music, films, literature, education, learning, knowledge ... and there is not a buck to be made from it ... look at MIT and the online publication of their entire campus syllabus ... the 'content industry' has matured, and the above average returns are now history ... destructive technology not only replaces the old and tired and weary and overworked and crowded, it prepares fertile ground for the new and innovative and creative and horizon-busting and what-the-hell did anyone imagine 10 years ago that this would be so big? they sure as hell didn't ... move over grandpa and give room to the new brains on the block, you are history ... (I am convinced that the majority of noise about this advancement is old-fashioned whinging and complaining and someone is paying for it)